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Follow the short questionnaire below. Feel free to add any additional info.

Background Information

  • New or replacement site?

Target Audience

  • Who is your target audience?
    • May be more than one / May be different from your customers

(for example a non-profit may target individual donations and highlight their work and a second audience is sponsors)

    • Do you have an ideal customer profile?


  • What does the organisation do ? short summary, with products/services/history etc. List the products that you want to sell
  • Do you have suppliers in place or would you like us to source suppliers?

Functional Requirements

What functions are required in the website, such as:

  • A blog ( DO you have your own blog or want a third party blog)
  •  Do you want a video on the homepage? ( If you have your own video send the YouTube link, or we can put a third part relevant video)
  • Social media widgets for activity stream
  • E-commerce capabilities (including a sub-set of specific features, such as having specials, discounts, featured products, customer reviews, etc.).

Design Assets

  • Do you have your own Logo?


  • Domain name details

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